Deleting Emails in Horde Webmail

This guide has been added for our customers using the Horde webmail client included with their Evolution Signs website hosting package*

Horde does not actually delete emails but rather marks them as deleted - this can lead to inflated email inbox sizes which can cause performance issues, or cause errors if your package has inbox size limits.  Deleted messages can be permanently purged by following the steps below:

*Depending on your preferences, your hosting package can also be set up to use the RoundCube email client - please contact us for more information.

  1.  Select the emails you wish to remove by placing a tick in the box next to the email and click Delete


Remove Email - Step 5

2.  You will notice a strike through your deleted emails, this means they are not permanently removed as a precaution to avoid removing wanted emails.


Remove Email - Step 6

3.  To remove emails permanently, click Other from the right-hand side and click Purge Deleted.


Remove Email - Step 7

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