Vehicle Preparation

Car WashIt is vital that your vehicle is cleaned in preparation for the installation of your vehicle graphics as a dirty surface will adversely effect both the look of your signage and its effective lifespan.

When preparing your vehicle for signage please make sure to give the vehicle a general wash using a diluted solution of warm water and washing up liquid (approx 1-2 drops per liter) making sure to remove any tar spots or other road dirt (specialist cleaning chemicals can be purchased to remove stubborn spots).

Once the vehicle is clean do not apply any wax or other polishes to the surface of the vehicle as these will prevent the sign vinyls from attaining a solid bond with the vehicle surface.

When the vehicle is delivered to us we will give the vehicle a quick wipe down with specialist chemicals to remove any residual wax or dirt – these chemicals fully evaporate after use leaving the surface of the vehicle ready for application.

Vehicle Wraps

If you are having a vehicle wrap installed we recommend using a vehicle valet service (we have contact details for several local firms if required) to get the vehicle as clean as possible before installation.

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