Information on some of the materials used by us


Self Adhesive Vinyl

   We use a wide range of self adhesive vinyl materials in the production of signs, stickers and vehicle graphics.

   SA Vinyl is available in a wide range of colours and finishes including speciality vinyls incorporating leather textures etc.  Evolution Signs can also print straight to vinyl in full colour which when laminated is extremely durable and suitable for use indoors and outdoors including vehicle graphics.

Large Format Signs

Aluminium Composite

   Aluminium Composite (also known as Dibond) consists of two thin aluminium sheets bonded to a low density polyethylene core. This gives it excellent structural rigidity and strength with a relatively low weight, perfect for use in medium to long term signage.

   Available in a range of colours and finishes, Aluminium Composite can also be coated with full colour printed vinyls for maximum visual impact. It can also be bent and formed into sign trays to produce dimensional signage.



   Acrylic, also known as perspex is a plastic material available in many colours (solid and transparent) or as a transparent material which we use to create our stylish transparent standoff wall signs (pictured to the left).

Foamboard Panel - Full Colour Print


   Closed-cell PVC foamboard is a lightweight rigid material which is resistant to rain and sunlight and is suitable for short - mid term outdoor display.

Foamboard is often used for promotional displays due to its lower cost when compared to Aluminium Composite.


Banner Material

   Banner material is a PVC film reinforced with pvc fibres making it extremely strong and able to withstand high winds.

Evolution Signs can print directly to banner material to create full-colour banners in virtually any size. Banners are finished with hemmed edges and brass eyelets for secure fixing.