Choosing the right Pavement Sign

Pavement Signage

Pavement Signs can be an important advertising tool for your business – mainly used for high street shops to drive foot traffic in-store, these portable signs can also be used in many other situations such as:

  • Directional Signage (especially if your business is located away from the road)
  • Promotion of brand awareness – let people know they can find your product for sale in-store
  • Advertising for service based businesses – these signs can be placed outside the business or residence where you are working to let people know who you are and the services you offer

Fixed or changeable message?


Changeable message signs are built to accept printed posters – these can be printed onto a weatherproof poster paper if the advertisement is to be left outdoors for long periods of time.  These signs are a cost effective way to promote seasonal or periodical offers / services.Fixed message panel signs are most suitable for permanent messages such as directions to your shop, or a list of services etc.  normally panel signs are printed in full colour and cannot be altered, however, we have developed a print / coating combination which allows fixed panel signs to be used as chalkboards so that your full colour design can incorporate blank areas for a hand written / drawn message, which can be changed as often as needed.

Flex Signs

Flex signs are one of the most common fixed panel pavement signs for a good reason;  they are incredibly durable and the new flex version 2 which we now stock is further improved to offer greater stability in strong winds.  The flex pavement signs can be finished with cut vinyl or a full colour print (including our chalkboard finish)

Pavement Signs

Swing Signs

Swing signs are hinged at the top to allow movement, this helps to absorb the force imparted by high winds, and also adds movement to your sign which can greatly increase visibility.


A Boards

A boards are available in a number of materials and can feature fixed panels or poster holding frames.  A-boards can be folded for easy storage which can be helpful for overnight storage etc.  However, A-board signs are more prone to being blown over than our eco-flex range or forecourt signs.

Wooden Chalkboard

Forecourt Signs

Forecourt signs are typically far larger than other pavement sign systems which makes them far more visible at a distance.  Forecourt signs typically feature a water or sand fillable base and the poster panels are usually fixed to the base with a heavy spring to dissipate the force of strong winds.

Waterbase Sign

The right sign for the job


We recommend the flex range of signs for use on busy streets, as they have a small footprint and their frameless build means that your advertising message is the only thing people will see.  If you have a forecourt or roadside space, you may want to consider a forecourt sign as their larger display area allows more space for information.

Pavement signs can be an important part of your business advertising and have a very good return on investment as they can last for many years if properly cared for.

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