Using the online design tool

Basic Tools

These are found in the toolbar above the designer pane, and provide the basic tools for adding elements to your design, and saving / retrieving your previous designs.

screenshot-by-nimbus (5)

Adding Imagesscreenshot-by-nimbus

To add your own images to a design, simply click the green image icon and choose a file to add.  Once opened, the image will be added to your design and can be moved or resized using the onscreen tools.

 Adding Text

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To Add text elements to your design, click on the grey text icon in the designer toolbar and a new text element will be added to your design, this can be moved or resized using the onscreen tools and text options are available in the edit screen below the design panel when a text element is selected.  Double Clicking a text element allows you to type in new text directly on the editor screen.

 Zoom Controls

The three zoom controls allow you to zoom in, zoom out, and reset the zoom allowing you to see areas of the design in more detail.

Download Preview

This tool lets you download a preview image of your design.

Save Design / Load Design

Clicking on this tool saves your current design to your account.  Once a design has been saved, it can be loaded again using the “load design” tool (Please note that you must be signed up for an account before designs can be saved) 




Designer Pane Tools

These tools are displayed on-screen for easy editing and positioning of your design elements.screenshot-by-nimbus (6)

Resizescreenshot-by-nimbus (9)

Drag the resize handle to scale your design element as needed.

Rotatescreenshot-by-nimbus (7)

Use the rotation tool handle to freely rotate your design element.

Deletescreenshot-by-nimbus (8)

Click on this to remove the currently selected design element.


Editor Pane

   Using stock design elements, editing text / images, altering layout options and importing images from Facebook are all handled from the Editor Pane:screenshot-by-nimbus (4)


Designsscreenshot-by-nimbus (11)

Here you will find a selection of predesigned product elements you can add to your design.  All of the predesigned elements can have a custom colour applied in the “Edit Elements” pane.

Edit Elements

This pane alters its appearance based on the currently selected element;  the main functions are as follows:

Editing Textscreenshot-by-nimbus (3)

Once a text element has been selected, its properties can be edited in the element window below the main design pane.

  • Filling:  A custom font colour can be selected by clicking on the colour bar and selecting a new colour – Alternatively, a custom pattern fill can be used (these are available below the colour bar)
  • Font and Styles: The selected text can be edited here and there are also options for the font type, text alignment and Bold / Italic options.
  • Helpers: This section is covered below.

Helper Functions

Helper functions are available for Text and Image elements and are used for layout

screenshot-by-nimbus (12)

screenshot-by-nimbus (14) Center Horizontally:  Moves the currently selected element to the horizontal center of the designer window.

screenshot-by-nimbus (15)   Center Vertically:  Moves the currently selected element to the vertical center of the designer window.

screenshot-by-nimbus (16)

Move Back:  Moves the current element backwards in the design order (think of the design as a stack of images)

screenshot-by-nimbus (17)

Move Forward: As above, but moves the element towards the top of the stack.

screenshot-by-nimbus (18)

Reset Element: Resets the elements layout settings.

screenshot-by-nimbus (19)

Delete Element: Removes the selected element from the designer.



Hopefully this guide will help you get the most out of the Online Design Tool – if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or leave a comment below.

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