Service Update

As part of our ongoing improvements, all web hosting accounts are to be upgraded to use our new cloud-based server architecture.


This upgrade is free of charge and will not affect your current monthly hosting fees.


The new system has a number of benefits over the old system:


  • Being Cloud-based, the new hosting packages are distributed over several locations and hardware platforms meaning that in the event of a single server/location failure, your websites and emails will continue to work without interruption.
  • Increased email storage - increased to 10GB per email account for all current customers!
  • All hosting packages will be load balanced, so if your site suddenly gets a massive increase in visitors, the increased traffic load will be distributed in the cloud infrastructure to ensure everyone gets fast page load times.
  • Better email spam filtering - better filtering services as standard.
  • Easier site/email management - if you need to set up an auto-reply for your email, or change DNS settings (advanced) - this can now all be easily handled through your self-service control panel.
  • Enhanced Webmail - A brand new version of Roundcube with an Outlook style skin makes handling your email through the web easier than ever!

And there are more additional features/improvements over the old system which will be explained in detail over the next few days.

The switchover will be taking place in the next 1-2 weeks with minimal disruption - the only changes you will need to make are to your email settings (details of these changes will be sent out in advance)

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